Elvis A.

5 StarsI’ve been a patient of Dr. Slavin for approximately two years now. Since becoming a patient, I have only known professionalism, sincerity and experienced the utmost of care, not only from Dr. Slavin, but from his staff as well.

Dr. Slavin has a wonderful disposition that puts me at ease during every visit. Dr. Slavins patience and compassion, diligence, energy and sense of humor makes knowing him enjoyable. He truly cares about me, my concerns, and applies his years of practicing medicine to making me feel more healthier than when I first walked into his office.

I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Slavin to anyone needing a medical professional that they can depend on, and who will provide them a better quality of life.

Richard S.

5 StarsI have been a patient of Dr. Slavin for nearly ten years. He is not your average doctor. On my first meeting (I am trying not to reveal my exact problem) he said that he would treat the cause of my problem ad not just the symptoms. This immediately had me say to myself I have finally found the right doctor.

Dr. Slavin treats my problem with hormones and a hormone antagonist. Nearly ten years later I would not know that I had the problem if another doctor had not diagnosed it. If I had followed through with the treatment the diagnosing doctor wanted to do, I seriously doubt that I would be alive today and would have suffered for an extended period.

Today I am happy and feel that I am going to live to be 120 years old.Dr. Slavin also uses EDTA to unclog arteries and prevent heart problems. I have had bypass surgery and when I felt all of the symptoms of another pending heart attack I opted for EDTA chelation which relieved the symptoms in four or five treatments. I continue with the chelation to this day.

Dr. Slavin doesn’t have an assembly line business where he has ten patients lined up in little rooms waiting to spend five minutes with him. He will take as much time as you want to discuss your problems, many times in excess of an hour.

Dr. Slavin will research a topic on his computer right in front of you so you can see the results as he sees them. Often times he will recommend a book for you to do research on your own. In my case Dr. Slavin does many blood tests and goes over them one at a time rather than just saying Your blood work is fine.

One of my worst fear is that that Dr. Slavin retires early. I don’t think I would ever be able to find another doctor that I’d be happy with. All of Dr. Slavin’s staff is extremely professional and efficient.This should not be a deciding factor in picking a doctor but Dr. Slavin has comfortable chairs in his waiting rooms.

My cardiologist who I will not name has very uncomfortable hard straight back chairs. Sometimes I tell his staff they can phone me in the car when he’s ready. To sum it up: I am extremely happy with Dr. Slavin and feel that he is probably responsible for saving my life and definitely responsible for saving my quality of life.

I have been going to Dr. Slavin for years now. I love how the team takes time to listen and respond to my personal needs. I have never found this in any other doctors office I have visited.

Donna S.

5 StarsDr. Slavin was highly recommend as a doctor that blends Eastern and Western medicine to identify health issues and treat the issue instead of the symptoms.

My first impression with the office was with making an new patient appointment, Jessica was very pleasant and efficient in making the appointment. But the caring was manifested when she called me when she an earlier appointment was available. I had not asked to be placed on the list, but she had listened.

The intake paperwork is thorough. Shirley Jimenez PAC reviewed the paperwork and engaged in a dialogue to determine the next step.

Tangerine W.

5 StarsCynthia provides personal attention to all my needs expressed and I admire her knowledge on a variety of subjects. I like the truth and she gives me that as well. She is a pleasure to be with and makes my experience pleasurable. she also helps me and Piccolo as well which brings a smile to my face.

Erwin D.

5 StarsDr. Slavin and Shirley Jimenez have been doing a great job in keeping me healthy. I am 81 years old and act and feel at least 15 years younger.

The quarterly evaluations eliminate the need for me to go to other specialists because the testing is more thorough than what I have done at my specialty doctors and the solutions to problems are much better.

I would highly recommend Dr. Slavin for any physical problem and his help in keeping a patient healthy.

Sabrina J.

5 StarsProfessional, personable, and knowledgeable staff. Very comfortable office.

 Andramedia R.

I felt like I was dying, I was really sick. I did suspect that there was something wrong with my thyroid, as evidenced by my symptoms.

I feel that Orialys Rodriquez, PA-C saved my life.

It turned out that I have Hashimoto’s Disease and she gave me thyroid hormone replacement just in time to balance my thyroid.

Barbara B.

5 StarsI am 53, female & have a serious degenerative back issue that requires surgery. I needed information & to find a practice in my local area that could educate & provide me w/the needed info/supplementation that would allow me 2 recognize my body again!

My 53yr old body is responding differently than my 40 ur old one! I need my body 2 be in tip top shape prior 2 surgery..”But, “My Get-up & Go….Had Got – Up & Left!€œ

I couldn’t seem 2 find it like I had always done! Ori, did blood work that told me why! We’re in the process of putting back what’s missing! I thank God I found her, everyday!

Charles B.

5 StarsOffice was in order, visit was GREAT!

 Fatima A.

5 StarsJust wanted to say that Orialys is a wonderful person and informative every time I come to see her. In fact, I come to Dr. Slavin’s practice because of her professionalism and caring manner. Love you Ori!

Hope B.

5 StarsDr. Slavin and Shirley were always right on top of my labs and changes in my symptoms. They were always thinking of different ways to help me.

The bi-weekly vitamin drips were fantastic for me. They really are a step ahead of the doctors out there today.

The whole staff and particularly Charlotte, really makes me feel safe in their care. Go see them. You won’t be disappointed!!!!

Nayda C.

5 StarsI’ll refer Cristina Stewart to all my friends. She’s is wonderful , great on all the steps that she does on your face & body. Very clear explaining to you on how too take care your body. Excellent person.

Ora T.

5 StarsGenerally the staff is excellent, they are attentive, caring and professional.

 Marianne H.

5 StarsThe doc, techs and office staff are wonderful… Very informative and very happy and compassionate people… Very glad I found this office.

Teresa P..

5 StarsI have been seeing Laurie and she is great. She is very knowledgeable about thyroid disease. She listens to you and explains everything. The staff is very nice and friendly.

Monique S.

5 StarsI have my Oriental Medicine Degree and I have been in clinical practice for a decade. Dr. Clarissa Giles, PA. is not only incredibly knowledgeable on things holistic she is very thorough in testing allopathically.

She starts her office visits on time and spends about an hour with you. She’s very good at explaining your condition and the treatment plan both using Western and holistic means. She listens to how you wish to deal with your condition and works with you to meet your needs.

It is rare when a doctor can rival my own knowledge and clinical experience.

Suzanne M.

5 StarsI have been a patient here for 6 years. I am always amazed how Dee provides personal assistance, she treats patients with respect and compassion.

I have always felt this way about the staff in the back, staff that works closely with me to tackle any health issues.

Patients are crucial to a medical office and should always be treated as such. This is how I continue to treat my clients, and expect the same in return. Thank you Dee, thank you Chun, thank you PAs.

 Dexter M.

5 StarsMy wife and I have been going to Dr. Slavin well over 12 years. This office provides the type of medical care that we are interested in; at a high standard.

All the staff are wonderful however, Dee and Deidra at the checkout side really make my visits rewarding. Dee is very pleasant and always willing to do everything she can to assist you. I love this girl. she is special. Deidra is kind and engaging, very knowledgeable and helpful on insurance issues.

Charlotte is the best (the glue that brings the office together), and they all make me feel like I am a part of one big happy family.

I have recommended family and friends to this practice. Keep up the good work, Dexter.

 Kathleen N.

5 StarsI am always very happy to come to this office and will always wait for an appointment with Shirley !!

Kim P.

5 StarsI have really genuinely been impressed from my experience with your medical practice .

I can only thank my neighbor for referring me to you. In my wildest dreams I would not have thought a practice such as yours exists with emphasis on wellness versus being just a pill mill for the pharmaceutical industry .

Ana S.

5 StarsThe experience was excellent. I am very likely to refer your services to a friend. There was nothing that could be done to make the experience better, it was great as is. Josh was thorough and kind and fully present.

Diane F.

5 StarsMy experience was excellent. I am very likely to refer the Institute of Advanced Medicine to a friend. Overall my positive feedback, “awesome”.

Ingrid B.

5 StarsMy overall experience was excellent. Staff was available and attentive.

I am very likely to refer a friend to the Institute of Advanced Medicine.

Adela M.

5 StarsJosh is an amazing PA!!! The whole staff is amazing.

My overall experience was excellent and I am very likely to refer a friend to the Institute of Advanced Medicine.

Andrea W.

5 StarsThe staff is courteous and appropriately concerned for the comfort and needs of their patients.

Everyone was helpful and accommodating.

I am very likely to refer my friends to the Institute of Advanced Medicine.

Annmarie G.

5 StarsCustomer service was great, checking out was good. Also, and I love Sarah. My tech that did the Ekg and lung check was excellent and very professional .. 👍

 Michele D.

5 StarsStaff is extremely knowledgeable and they are all there to truly help you improve your health, maintain balance and overall well being through innovative ways. I look forward to my appointments; the entire office truly cares about every patient.

 Ligia D.

5 StarsGreat experience overall. Everyone is very knowledgable and extremely helpful.

 Alex O.

5 StarsExcellent care. Highest recommendation.

 Francesca T.

5 StarsProfessional staff, timely service and comfortable environment.

 Tony E.

5 StarsEveryone was friendly and kind. I felt right at home.

 Florance K.

5 StarsTimely, courteous and caring. I feel I will heal at the Institute.

 Christine S.

5 StarsShirley gives you plenty of time and doesn’t rush through the appointment. Lots of ideas and things to try to be successful in your quest for health in a more natural way

 Gina F.

5 StarsAll the staff is very friendly and they take time to explain and answer all questions with pleasure.


Irelsa O.

5 StarsSuper nice employees. Charlotte is great.


Tanya M.
5 Stars

You have everything I need for my health.


Laurie C.

5 StarsI’ve been going to Shirley for 9 yrs and I adore her and appreciate her wisdom.

James P.

5 StarsSarah my PA was great! Dee & Alicia are awesome.

Office has a very postive & cheerful vibe. Not your typical doctors office. The people here are genuine and are really interested in improving your health.


Paula H.

5 StarsThis is what healthcare should be about, individualized care.

The staff are very courteous and empathetic. Everything was explained each step of the way.

Nurse practitioner Sarah Ravelli was attentive to all my medical needs and concerns.

The is the best doctor”s office I have every been to. Care is specific to each patient..Finally found a doctor who really cares about the ENTIRE well-being of the patient.

Tanya M

5 Stars

I love Dr. Slavin, he’s incredibly knowledgeable and I can listen to him forever.

Everyone is amazing and they’re like family.

James P

5 StarsEveryone in the office is positive & kind, with an overall feeling of caring & compassion.


Jesus E.

5 StarsThank you for taking the time to take such good care of us! The experience was excellent. I am very likely to refer a friend.


 Amy R.

5 StarsMy experience was excellent. I am very likely to refer a friend. Shirley and the support staff are very knowledgeable and attentive.


Eddy F.

5 StarsMy experience was excellent. I am very likely to refer a friend.

It was better than I have expected. Dr. Slavin is very knowledgeable and he takes his time explaining everything that you ask.

Marie A.

5 StarsMy experience was excellent. I am very likely to refer a friend. I love coming here as I like preventative care and that is what you provide.


Renato D.

5 StarsI’ve been going to Dr. Slavin for two months. Yes, this practice is outside the box. I’ve found it very helpful. My vertigo and my anxiety have gone away.

I have increased my intensity working out. If you have your priorities correct, you will find a major benefit going to this doctor. I’m 68 and feel great. Don’t wait until you’re my age. Go while you’re young; spend the money on the most important person in the world.

Just a little info about billing. If you have Medicare and a supplemental you don’t pay for the blood work. You will pay for some services but some are free. I found this place a blessing.

The doctor is open to nutrition over mess. Since I’ve been coming my endurance and mentality have improved. I look forward to coming here. It’s a joy. I suggest that you come and meet the doctor and staff.

Penny C.

5 StarsYou’re a good team. My experience was excellent.

I am very likely to refer a friend. There is nothing that you could have done to make my experience better.

Lizette A.

5 StarsMy experience was exceptional. I am very likely to refer a friend.


Lila K.

5 StarsMy experience at the Institute of Advanced Medicine was excellent. I am very likely to refer a friend.

The staff is excellent and super friendly. Doctor Slavin really cares about my health. Wonderful doctor.

Barbara H.

5 Stars

My experience was excellent. I am very likely to refer a friend.

I feel confident that I will be well taken care of when I go to your office.

Janet A.

5 Stars

I had a wonderful experience. My doctors and staff were so very friendly!

There is nothing that could have been done to make my experience any better. I am very likely to refer a friend.

Lisa G.

5 StarsMy experience was excellent. I am very likely to refer a friend.

I wish I saw Dr Slavin 2 years ago before I had all of the surgeries I had that could have been prevented.

Stacey L.

5 StarsBertha is excellent.

I would recommend Bertha to anyone. She is caring, smart and knows what she is talking about.

Bertha is calm and has an awesome demeanor.

George M.

5 StarsAbsoulutly love Shirley and all the staff. I know them by name.

They are all not just professional, but passionate about what they do and are genuinely friendly.

Jane R.

5 StarsMy experience was excellent. I am very likely to refer a friend.

I’m very pleased to have my health back, due to the insightfulness of Shirley.

John M.

5 StarsDee is great, very professional, and she gets things done.

I have been coming here for 2 years now and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

A++++ Medical Facility.

Gina F.

5 StarsAll the personnel are very warm and friendly. I love that they all remember my name.


Lilia K.

5 StarsThe staff is very professional, helpful and caring.

Doctor is very helpful and cares about my health.

The staff is super friendly and always remembers your name.

Laura S.

5 StarsEverything was great, the employees are very nice.

Everyone there is very helpful and interested in our wellbeing.

Janis K.

5 StarsMy experience was excellent and I am very likely to refer a friend.

I was seen promptly by Sarah. Everything was handled in the office and all issues were resolved.

Robert V.

5 StarsExcellent staff and attention from the moment you walk in till you leave.

I am very likely to refer a friend and my overall experience was excellent.

Tanya M.

5 StarsI love Dr Slavin, Cynthia, & Sarah. All the staff there is amazing

I feel great! My hormones are balanced, I’ve lost weight and I am healthy!!

Yelena P.

5 StarsAn excellend doctor and advanced treatment.


Lisa G.

5 StarsI am very very very grateful that I found you guys!! There should be more like you guys everywhere.


Deborah W.

5 StarsVery efficient and effective healthcare, with kind and very knowledgeable and professional staff. I would very likely refer a friend.