Cell Wellbeing “Optimized Nutritional Food Plan”

Epigenetics is the study of how the environment, on many levels, influences all people; and how this impact directly relates to the physical, emotional and mental states of being.  In fact, 98% of all of our daily lives (the way that cells, tissues, organs, systems and person express daily) is impacted directly by the person’s epigenetic environment!

Personal epigenetic indicators can be highlighted for any individual with only four strands of hair, using the Cell Wellbeing S-Drive system that returns a comprehensive Cell Wellbeing “Optimized Nutritional Food Plan”

In many aspects of daily life people are not well supported by their diets and nutritional foods intake. It is often difficult to know which choices to make or path to take when making decisions for nutritional optimization. The following plans can help to support your decision making and target the key objectives of your needs.

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