ONDAMED is a device that produces a highly focused pulsed electromagnetic field that penetrates deep into a targeted region of the body to painlessly stimulate tissues and “jump start” cellular activities.

The ONDAMED treatment system complements other treatments, such as pharmaceuticals, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements and other therapeutic modalities; helping patients respond faster and have longer lasting effects.

ONDAMED supersedes all previous inventions in specificity, versatility, and effectiveness. Patients and practitioners using ONDAMED have reported benefits on all levels of wellbeing.

In her new book, Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness, Suzanne Somers writes about aging and sickness, and how breakthrough technology such as ONDAMED delivers “truly miraculous” results.

“This is a very sophisticated new piece of equipment you need to urge your doctor to purchase… [It] is able to locate underlying dysfunction and provide a treatment for the patient. It can pinpoint the location of pain, which doesn’t necessarily mean where the pain manifests… I now use the ONDAMED machine and the results have been truly miraculous. In just a short period of time I am no longer experiencing pain, swelling, or tenderness in the breast, and the most exciting part of this treatment is that it requires no pharmaceuticals.”