Vampire Facelift.

You may have heard something in the news about a procedure called the vampire facelift procedure. This is a non-surgical cosmetic face lift. It’s also sometimes referred to as a blood facial.

The following looks behind the strange name to outline the specifics of this procedure. Also, find out some of the benefits of this face lift that’s growing in popularity.

What Is Vampire Face Lift? The procedure involves drawing blood from the arm of a patient and removing plasma from the mixture via centrifuge. The doctor then injects the plasma into the person’s face wherever wrinkles are present.

There are elements such as stem cells in a person’s blood that stimulate the growth of collagen in the skin. In short, the injection of blood reinvigorates and lifts skin that has lost some of its elasticity.

The Benefits of Vampire Face Lift One of the main benefits of this procedure is that the person is using his or her own blood to get results. This is reassuring to people who shy away from facelift procedures because of the synthetic materials involved.

Secondly, a patient doesn’t have to be worried about an allergic reaction because it’s his or her own blood being used. Also, this procedure isn’t painful and may leave the person with minimal redness around the injection areas.

Anyone interested in learning more about this new procedure is welcome to schedule an initial consultation with the Institute of Advanced Medicine at 954-748-4991. Vampire Facelift Fort Lauderdale is available now.